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I am a single Mother of 4 foster children that I am in the process of adopting. My background has been  in the advertising industry as an executive for 24 years. My decision to ‘retire’ from that profession happened shortly after my children contracted lice

2 years ago my oldest daughter came home with lice. I tried every OTC remedy and even some I found online, called our Pediatrician and got the prescription remedy for lice but none of them worked and my daughter was sent home from school for 3 days straight. I had to take off work and she was frantic about missing so much school. Finally, the school nurse told me about the Lice Clinics of America in our hometown. I called, we all went and we all (6 of us) had lice. At that point, I would have mortgaged my house to get rid of the louse! I became friends with the owner and several of the techs. Earlier in the spring of this year, I had lunch with the owner and she asked if I wanted to move back to the Emerald Coast of Florida, which I desperately did. I called to make inquiries and the rest is quickly becoming history.

I pray that the general public will not be ashamed or embarrassed because their children or themselves have head lice. There is such a negative stigma associated and most believe that those with head lice are unclean. That is so false! As parents, we have a responsibility to let the parents of the children our children associate with know that our child has lice. Education is the key to controlling an epidemic in a school setting or camp setting. I opened this clinic to help other Moms (and Dads) like me!

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